Why you should start using rowing machine

Rowing machine is a logical sequence in training routine, after using a treadmill or orbitrek. Ergometer brings you so much more than just cardio. It seems complicated and not so attractive, but the device has many benefits even for beginners because it provides activation of the whole body.


The rowing movement itself may seem complex, but with time and practice it becomes intuitive.

When pulling, activate the muscles in order – legs, core, arms, while when releasing the opposite – arms, core, legs. Although the exercise is mostly based on leg strength, without a strong core you can’t straighten up and, ultimately, pull the handle with your hands.


  1. Improves posture

Don’t be hunched over while reading this, we see you! Women are often less naturally strong in the upper body and this can mean that their posture is worse. Rowing, if performed correctly without bending or excessive pressure, requires you to be upright while pulling.

  • It burns a lot of calories

To lose weight, you need to enter a calorie deficit. This means that you burn more calories than you intake – usually by controlling your diet and/or burning more calories by exercising. Regular rowing is a great method to contribute to this deficit. The calories you burn while rowing vary depending on a number of factors, including the machine you use, exercise intensity, and body size. Depending on your body weight and training intensity, rowing can burn around 500 calories!

  • It is great for full body training

The rowing machine uses 86% of the body’s muscles, providing a complete body workout that will increase strength as well as your cardiovascular capacity. That’s right – a device that includes cardio training and strength training at the same time. Great news!

To make rowing a habit, be sure to stop exercising when you are too tired to maintain proper form. Experts advise you not to start a strenuous rowing session after you have tired your hands with another intense workout. It is also not recommended to lift heavy weights before high-intensity training on a rowing machine.

A rowing machine or ergometer allows you to take advantage of indoor rowing practice. Rowing has many benefits, such as building endurance and strengthening the body.

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