What is the best cardio activity - running, walking or cycling?

Given that many people lead a fast-paced life full of stress and fast food, taking care of our physical health becomes increasingly important. Cardio exercises, also known as cardiovascular or aerobic exercises, are activities that elevate the heart rate and simultaneously increase respiration. If you include cardio activities into your daily life, your overall health is sure to improve.

“Cardio is any exercise that raises the heart rate between 60 to 85 percent of the maximum heart rate.”

Cardio activities include walking, running, swimming, cycling, in other words, any exercise that elevates the heart rate between 60 to 85 percent of the maximum heart rate. We chose 3 cardio activities for you, which one suits you the best, decide for yourself.

Walking: simplicity

Walking is the simplest and easiest cardio activity. It is accessible to everyone because it does not require any additional equipment that would cost a lot of money, and you can do it almost everywhere. Walking is low-intensity activity, meaning that it won’t strain your joints and muscles. Walking is good for beginners, elderly people and those recovering from injuries.

If you practice brisk walking, 30 minutes a day can significantly improve your cardiovascular health. 

Running: speed

Unlike walking, running is a high-intensity activity that can quickly increase your heart rate. It also helps build endurance and strength in the lower part of the body, especially the legs, and it’s also an excellent way to relieve stress and improve mental health.

Running can be challenging for joints and muscles, especially if you don’t have proper technique or if you are prone to injuries. Therefore, if you have joint problems or previous injuries, brisk walking is a much better option.

Cycling: strength and fun

Cycling helps tone leg and muscles and also improve balance while reducing the risk of joint injuries. Cycling is an excellent combination of aerobic exercise and leg muscle strengthening. You can cycle alone or in a group, whether indoors on a stationary bike or outdoors on a regular bicycle.

Cycling is a healthy activity that burns a lot of calories for the whole body and is an excellent option for people who want a more intense workout than running or walking.

What’s the conclusion?

Which activity you choose depends on your dynamics and it’s very individual which activity is actually the best for someone. Running is excellent for those looking for fast results and a challenge, while walking is simple and suitable for most people. On the other hand cycling offers a combination of fun and fitness. Commitment and consistency are important for physical health, regardless of which activity you choose. You can always combine all three activities to maintain variety in your everyday life. The most important thing is to do what suits your body and lifestyle best, and that you enjoy it at the same time.

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