In every Gyms4you gym, there are personal trainers at your disposal who, regardless of your level of fitness knowledge, will be happy to help you reach your goal.




Gyms4you is a place for everyone from recreational to professional athletes, and they help us to make you feel welcome, no matter which category you belong to, and to always be informed. Choose professionals who will motivate you and step with you towards the goal, which is always achievable when we’re by your side.

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You need help from a personal trainer?

We have a solution for you! Whether you are just at the beginning of your fitness journey or you already have experience with training, take advantage of the opportunity to book one free consultation with personal trainer and become the best version of yourself.

In each of our centers you can find personal trainers who are there for you in case you need help with equipment, exercises, training programs and nutrition plans.

You can schedule free consultation with one of the personal trainers who will adapt to your needs and capabilities.



Free consultations are arranged by leaving a contact number at the reception desk on which our trainers will contact you to schedule a consultation where you will learn how to use the equipment and perform the exercises correctly.


Nutrition is also important on the way to your goal, and our trainers can help you with that as well by creating a balanced nutrition plan that is also focused on your goals. Tastes and goals differ, but each requires an adjustment of the diet according to what we have decided on.


When you work with a personal trainer, you invest effort, will and time in a training plan and program designed for you by a professional. Taking into account where you are starting from and where you want to go, our trainers create a program for you that will lead you to your goal.


Everything’s better when you know that you have an expert with you who is focused on your goal even more than you are. Our personal trainers will provide you with the support and encouragement you lack, while advising you on the best ways to reach your goal.


If you are our member, and you want to perform your activity of providing personal trainer services in our gyms in your own arrangement (outside the Coach4you team of trainers) and in agreement with your clients/users of coaching services, the same can be done under special conditions for personal trainers.

With regard to the rules of use of Gyms4you fitness centers that apply to our members and that are included in each signed Agreement, it is necessary to obtain the approval of the gym's management to perform the activities of personal trainers.
At Gyms4you, we offer you two options for performing your coaching activities:

  1. Register via e-mail and become part of the Coach4You team as official Gyms4you trainers.

  2. Arrange your personal trainer membership fee (€200.00 per month with RCP contract for 6 months) at our receptions and arrange your coaching services independently. In this case, Gyms4you d.o.o. is in no way involved in your relationship with potential clients or users of your services, nor does it bear any responsibility for the coaching services provided. Every trainer is obliged to communicate with their clients.

Please contact our reception in order to cooradinate the terms of your new contract with our Regulations for the use of gyms and price list.

In case you are not interested in performing your activities in our premises, you are free to remain being our member with your membership contract so that you can train independently in Gyms4you centers.

For any additional questions, you can contact us in person at our reception desks or by e-mail at



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