Why should you deadlift?

If you want to take your strength and muscle mass to a new level, you need to include a deadlift in your exercise routine.

Not only is deadlifting a full body movement that improves the strength and endurance of your entire body, but it also has a multitude of benefits that will give you even more reason to dedicate yourself more to perfecting this exercise. To find out all the benefits of including deadlifts in your training plan, keep reading.

1. You will have more strength

A 2018 paper published in MY Yoga & Physical Therapy explored the benefits of performing squats, deadlifts and bench presses on strength and overall health. It was concluded that the physiological response to deadlift is whole-body strength, power, and athletic performance.

Compared to other exercises that load as much muscle as deadlifts, deadlifts allow you to lift heavy weights. You will become stronger in the hip joint position, but also make neurological power adjustments that are transmitted to other complex movements such as bench press and squats with weights.

2. You will work on your whole body

Although many people know that the deadlift targets your lower body, it also involves your upper body. The deadlift engages the lower back and upper back as these muscles support the torso as you pull the weight off the floor. Your biceps will also be tense as they support your arms during the pull, and your shoulders will work hard to keep your arms in place.

3. You will build strong muscles

The deadlift puts a lot of emphasis on the lower body, including the glutes, glutes and hamstrings, resulting in strong and built legs. Adding deadlifts to your workout routine will take your leg strength to another level. One study found that subjects who deadlifted twice a week for 10 weeks increased their torque capacity in the knee extensors and flexors (known as the quadriceps and hamstrings), increasing vertical jump power.

4. You will lower the risk of back injury

Having a strong lower back is important, especially as we age. Many people experience lower back pain due to weak core muscles, being overweight, and sitting at a computer all day. If a deadlift becomes part of your routine, it will help relieve lower back pain and prevent the development of injuries in the future. Just make sure to keep your lower back straight while performing the entire movement. Lower back crouching is a common cause of deadlift injuries so pay attention to your back position.

Deadlifting is a very functional movement, which means that it helps with many daily tasks. This will reduce the chances of getting injured whenever you carry groceries, change tires, carry furniture, etc. Also, as you exercise your whole body, strengthen your muscles and prevent muscle imbalance as you make sure to include both your upper and lower body.

5. You will burn more calories

Deadlifts involve a lot of muscle in your body, which burns more calories during your workout. The more calories you burn, the more fat you lose. Moreover, deadlifts help build muscle, increasing your basal metabolism (BMR) – the number of calories you burn at rest.

6. You will have better posture

Deadlifts improve your posture by keeping your shoulders, spine and hips level. Since deadlifts require proper form, you will need to keep your shoulders pressed back, your spine straight, and your hips moving. Combined, these factors result in better posture.

With all the benefits of deadlifts, it is important to note that this exercise is extremely important to be performed properly. If not performed properly, it can lead to lower body and back injuries. So pay extra attention to proper form in this exercise and enjoy all the benefits it brings you!

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