How to follow through on resolution to exercise?

At the end of each year, we make a summary of the personal achievements that marked our year. As the days go by, we prepare for the new year, which also represents new beginnings.The phrase ‘new beginning’ from the psychological point of view represents hope and motivation for achieving new goals in the coming year.

Motivation is at its peak, we plan, write down, summarize… in the end, we define New Year’s resolutions. We’ve all come across the notion of New Year’s resolutions, and almost everyone has at least once made their own. When it comes to health, most common one is to enroll in the gym!

This year it’s a little different because the gyms are closed in early January so many choose to exercise at home. But the question is, how many of us actually kept their New Year’s resolution?

Enrolling in a gym is easy, but continuing with regular exercise is much harder, so we often give up on that decision. When making resolutions, we often do not think about our free time, opportunities, work and obligations, and these are the key items that will help us determine the decisions that we will actually make.

Keep in mind your working hours, the distance from work to home or the gym, the daily obligations you have to perform and define how much time you have left for a home workout or going to the gym.Start with small goals like training regularly once a week at a specific time in a specific location, but leave open the possibility of some immediate events or unexpected situations that will disrupt your training time. Do not consider such events and situations as something bad or demotivating. Be gentle with yourself and postpone your training time to another day or another time.A person quickly acquires habits, so when it becomes routine for you to find time to train once a week, challenge yourself and increase the number of trainings to twice a week.

Also, be aware that one (or more) cheat meals a week does not mean that all your efforts must be wasted. The more you train, the more your diet will change spontaneously. The reason for this is that we associate training with a healthy diet, so there is often a feeling of remorse when you want to eat one cheat meal more because you know how much you sweated in the last workout.

Every change in the daily routine should be introduced gradually, including training.

We know this very well, so we reintroduced live training on Gyms4you and Coach4you Facebook and Instagram profiles.From Monday to Friday in the evening at 6 pm you have the opportunity to follow our live workouts. We will be with you, encourage you and motivate you to successfully introduce home workouts into your routine, and we believe we will soon be all together in our gyms!


Your Gyms4you team

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