10 realistic tips on how to maintain new year's fitness resolutions

The new year 2022 has begun and we are all, whether we want to admit it or not, thinking about the changes we want to make this year. The most common New Year’s decision is related to more movement, starting to go to the gym or losing some extra pounds.

There is only one problem – most New Year’s resolutions fall into oblivion as early as February.This happens for several reasons: goals are not well structured, we start implementing decisions too quickly and without thinking, we do not know how to monitor progress or we give up too quickly to see results at all.

We have studied the most common fitness decisions, put them on paper all the possible positive and negative outcomes and developed a 10-point strategy with which you will finally be able to keep your New Year’s decision alive for more than a couple of weeks. Read on and make this process easier!

1. Set realistic goals

It all starts with goals. Without them, we rush into the void and don’t know why we do what we do. Take paper and pen and write down everything you want to achieve in the coming year. For example, I want to lose 5 pounds, work on muscle mass and go to the gym regularly. Then the next step begins.

2. Break a big goal into several small ones

Each general goal we wrote down at the beginning, we now need to break it down into several small goals and put them in a time frame. If one of the goals was to lose 5 kilograms, we can write it out like this: in the first month I want to lose 2 kilograms, in the next month another 2 kilograms and in the month after that another kilogram. If you are not sure how to set your goals so that they get the best results, contact a professional. Our recommendation is always Coach4you trainers! Coach4you treneri!

3. Talk about your decisions

When we say we need to talk about our goals, we don’t mean empty stories, but a little real effort! Here we mean vocalizing our decisions in order to maintain them. Tell your family and friends what you want to achieve in the coming months so that they too are informed about your process. When we talk to others about decisions, we create an even greater sense of responsibility and we will stick to decisions even more if we know that they are followed not only by us, but also by other people in our lives.

4. Track your success

How will you track your results if you don’t record and track them? Precisely because of the lack of progress, many people give up their New Year’s resolutions because they believe that the effort did not bear fruit, and in fact they just did not carefully monitor the success.

5. You set a time frame

Too general a time frame gives us too little structure in achieving our goals. If we set a goal, for example in the next month I want to be able to do 3 more pull-ups than today, we will have a more realistic and achievable goal that we are moving towards gradually.

6. Hire a personal trainer

Sometimes it is better to leave the structuring of goals, training planning and diet to experts. Hire a Coach4you personal trainer and make your way to the goal easier. Another great thing about practicing with a personal trainer is that he or she will hold you accountable and motivate you not to give up.

7. Take advantage of New Year’s offers and promotions

We want to help you start the new year and that is why we at Gyms4you in Karlovac have prepared an incredibly good offer for you! From 3.1.2022. to 14.1.2022. you can train completely free of charge svakim radnim danom od 9:00 do 21:00 sati, a ako se u ovom razdoblju učlaniš uz RCP članarinu, prvi mjesec treniranja plaćaš samo 1 kunu! Ima li bolje motivacije od ovakve ponude? 😊

8. Remember that change is a process

Nothing happens overnight, and so does the change you want to see. Take your time and work on yourself step by step, day by day.

9. Rely on discipline, not motivation

No person is always motivated to train and this is completely normal. We live hectic and unpredictable lives that do not always fit exercise 3 times a week for an hour. However, this is how things stand – the key to success is discipline. At the moment when you have the least will, discipline comes and the most difficult part of achieving the goal, and that is fighting with yourself.

We also have one little tip for you that we tested and proved successful. Start treating training as a deal with yourself. In the same way you organize coffee with a friend, organize your training. Write it down in the planner, set the exact time and show up! If you don’t want to let your friend down, don’t let yourself down.

10. Think about why you want to make a change

Throughout the process of implementing New Year’s resolutions, it’s important to know why we want to make them happen. Try to think deeper than what first comes to mind – do you want to feel more confident, do you want to dedicate more time to yourself, be able to run a certain distance without problems… Keep your reason in mind and let it lead you to the goal!

We wish you the happiest and most successful year so far,

Your Gyms4you team

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