Why is training in the gym better than training at home?

You have decided that you want to start working out, you are ready for a total transformation and full of motivation, but the question has arisen – where will you train? At home or at the gym? Sure, it’s easy to join a gym, but it’s also easy to quit after a few workouts. It’s easy to stay home and work out, and it’s even easier to find a hundred other things that are more important than training at that moment – laundry, playing a game, cleaning the house, etc.

Whatever you decide, to see and feel the results, you need to be consistent and persistent, and you will achieve this best in a motivating space adapted to your needs. A place where you can come and fully dedicate yourself ensures a higher level of motivation and better results.

Training in the gym

If these advantages are more important to you, gym is definitely a way to go.

  • Equipment: Working out can be a lot easier if you have a lot of options to choose from. If you like cardio equipment, the choice in the gym is great: treadmill, elliptical trainer, stairmaster, bicycle, rowing machine… there are many. You also have weight lifting options. You can exercise on machines, use free weights, cable machines, bands and more. All Gyms4you centers are equipped with Technogym equipment and are adapted to the needs of both beginners and advanced exercisers.
  • Group trainings: Another big attraction are group programs. Sure, you can follow online classes at home, but that can’t compare to going to your favorite workout and hanging out with people who also enjoy that type of exercise.
  • Community: Being surrounded by people who exercise and work on themselves in the gym can be extra motivation and a great opportunity to make new friends.
  • Focus: There isn’t much to do at the gym other than exercise, which can help you stay focused on your workouts. No jobs staring you in the face, no kids interrupting you, and nothing to distract you from your workout.

Training in a gym may not be suitable for some people for these reasons:

  • Time: Another thing you have to do if you’re going to work out at the gym is getting there. You need to pack a bag, pour water, get dressed, drive there, park, go to the locker room, etc. For some, this disadvantage is not a disadvantage because they enjoy the ritual of going to the gym and use the trip to the gym to listen to their favorite music and audio books.
  • Other people: What is an advantage for some, is a disadvantage for others. If you don’t like being surrounded by people, working out at the gym might not be the ideal option for you.

Training at home

Training at home has its benefits and can be a better option in some cases. Some benefits of exercising at home are:

  • Practicality: You don’t have to get ready for the gym, arrange childcare and organize your time according to bus and tram schedules. Also, you can train at any time of the day or night, but you can also do it in Gyms4you, which works every day from 0-24.
  • Variety: If you decide to train at home, you have the opportunity to try several types of exercise – yoga, HIIT, various types of cardio training. This also opens up the possibility of very varied training which may be interesting to some exercisers, but sticking to one training program still shows the best results. If you are interested in trying different types of training, in Gyms4you you will soon be able to start group training and find out what suits you best.

But we must also pay attention to the downsides of training at home:

  • Monotony: Going to the gym can break up the monotony of your day, especially if you work from home. If you rest, work and exercise in the same space, you can easily get bored.
  • Excuses: When you exercise at home and are not overly motivated, you might find yourself avoiding exercise because of ‘other things you need to do around the house’.
  • Space: If you’re going to focus on bodyweight training, you don’t need a lot of space, but if you want a treadmill or more training equipment, space is obviously important.
  • Lack of equipment: In the gym, you can choose from a variety of equipment for exercise, weight lifting, cardio, etc. Buying exercise equipment can be a big financial expense, and you can’t be sure that you won’t get bored of one piece of equipment, while in the gym you can try a lot of different equipment and props and find out what suits you best.

The conclusion of the whole story is as follows: Everyone has their preferences and expectations. Training in the gym opens up a lot of possibilities, allows you to use a variety of equipment and devices, a community of people who motivate you and a space where you can dedicate yourself to your betterment. The Gyms4you chain of gyms is dedicated to fulfilling the needs and wishes of exercisers and that is why we are always open for you, every day from 0 to 24, with one membership card you can train in all our centers, and soon we are starting with group training sessions!

Your Gyms4you team

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