Two days of Les Mills group programs for everyone!

And action!

Exciting news is coming from the Gyms4you world. Get ready for action and take advantage of the incredible promotion featuring the latest editions of Les Mills workouts. This is an opportunity you don't want to miss because you have the chance to try out some of the newest and most exciting group workouts offered by Les Mills, completely free of charge.

What is Les Mills?

Les Mills is a global leader in creating group workouts, and every three months, instructors around the world receive new editions of workouts so that our exercisers constantly have the opportunity to learn, progress in their training, and improve their health. What's particularly important is that you can do these very workouts both at Gyms4you and at other Les Mills clubs worldwide. This places Gyms4you alongside world-renowned fitness clubs, making us stand out in our region.

When and Where?

Les Mills training programs will take place at two of our locations: Kvaternik Plaza and Dubrava Risnjačka. In Plaza, the program will be held on September 30th, while for Dubrava Risnjačka, mark October 1st in your calendars if you haven't already.

All workouts are open to all our members, as well as those who have not yet become members. No need for reservations; come and try out the workouts you desire. We invite you to invite your friends and all those interested because they can take advantage of this opportunity completely free of charge. There are no restrictions on the number of workouts you can attend on that day.

Please pay attention to the hygiene and safety of our space by using clean workout attire and shoes.

Group training schedule

The workout times are divided into morning and afternoon sessions as follows:

Morning Sessions

09:00 AM | CORE | Emina, Ella, Marina

09:50 AM | BODY BALANCE | Nika, Ella, Vedran

10:40 AM | BODY ATTACK | Andrea, Vedran, Yassine

11:30 AM | GRIT Strength | Krešimir, Ines, Leon

Afternoon Sessions

04:00 PM | TONE | Emina, Marina, Vedran

04:50 PM | GRIT Athletic | Ines, Krešimir, Leon

05:30 PM | BODY PUMP | Nika, Matea, Leon, Petra Š, Nikola, Vedran, Yassine

06:30 PM | BODY COMBAT | Marina, Krešimir, Yassine


The reception will be open from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM for morning sessions and from 3:30 PM to 8:00 PM for afternoon sessions on both days of the promotion.

For more information about the group training programs and other details, you can visit our website here.

Join us for another fitness adventure, and together, we will create a healthier and happier tomorrow.

See you at the Les Mills training programs!

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