Three tips to make it easier to get back into your training routine

We could hardly wait for the gym opening, and the happiness we felt when so many members filled our gyms is simply priceless. Last year was in many ways specific and different – it made us change our routines few times around.

Every restriction and every new lockdown that came brought new routines. Working from the office had to be replaced by working from home, and that just meant we had to switch from a familiar and safe routine to a new one. Some acquire new habits faster and more easily discard familiar routines and change them with new ones. On the other hand, there are those who get used to it harder, and that is completely normal. We are all different and understand the world around us in different ways

The same thing happened with the training routine in gyms which we had to replace with training at home with minimal, none or improvised props and equipment. Those accustomed to training with devices may have a harder time getting used to physical activity at home, but we’re sure most of their training habits have been successfully replaced by home workouts. In order to keep you active and motivated on a regular basis, through both lockdowns we held online trainings every working day. The interest was great, and that’s exactly what we wanted to achieve!

Now that gyms have reopened, and some may still be working from home or studying online, it is necessary to recreate the routine and habit of going to the gym. To make that part easier for you, here are three tips to help you get back into your gym workout routine.

1.Good organization is half the battle

We’ve all heard of this proverb, but how many times have we actually applied it in reality? It often happens that we have the feeling that our daily or weekly schedule is so full that we do not have time for ourselves. But to what extent is this feeling just an illusion because our days and times may not be well organized? One way to better organize is to use a planner that records events and appointments at the time they are scheduled. If your schedule is mostly similar or almost identical, and involves fixed hours or pre-arranged lectures, we suggest you take a planner or a piece of paper every Sunday afternoon and sort out the priority commitments that await you next week. This way you will have a better insight into the free time you have left to use for workouts.

2. Have a goal

We often do or practice something and don’t really know what the goal is. The goal is the end point we want to achieve, and all we practice on the way to achieving the goal are the means by which we reach it. On the other hand, sometimes we set ourselves too high goals that mentally start to suffocate and oppress us. That is why it is necessary to find the golden mean and start with small goals. One of the small, beginner goals can be to train in the gym once a week. Once you achieve that goal and it becomes a habit, set a bigger goal – training twice a week. When you achieve that first, beginner goal, you realize how successful the organization of time has been and you want to go even higher, even better and even stronger. Goal by goal and after a while you will create the habit of organizing time and routine.

3. Be positive

We don’t mean on coronavirus, stay negative to that! But the past and this year have taught us that uncertainty is something we need to learn to deal with. Although we spent most of our time at home and thus protected, we were exposed to other stressors that surrounded us. When are under stress, we often occupy ourselves only with the thoughts that surround us and neglect physical activity. It is physical activity and regular training that can greatly help us reduce the amount of stress that accumulates in us. We have already written about the impact of stress, but what we can always repeat is that physical activity has multiple benefits on our body and mind. Therefore, we should always find time for that. utjecaju stresa smo već pisali, ali ono što uvijek možemo ponavljati je da fizička aktivnost ima višestruke benefite na naše tijelo i um. Prema tome, za takvo nešto bismo uvijek trebali pronaći volje, ali i vremena.

Come, join us and choose the time that suits you best for training. We are open 0-24 and are waiting for you!

Your Gyms4you team

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