Mind-muscle connection: enhancing your workout experience

The mind-muscle connection or the communication between the brain and muscles helps us build muscle effectively. Have you ever noticed feeling like you've completed an intense workout only to realize your mind wasn't fully engaged? You're not alone, so we're offering you a solution!

What is the mind-muscle connection?

Training involves both external and internal focus. External focus is the object we handle (such as weights), while internal focus refers to body sensations and movements (such as muscle contractions).

The mind-muscle connection is often mentioned in the world of bodybuilding and describes the principle of training or the connection of the mind to the trained muscle. Some might describe it as the "feeling" of the muscle working during the workout or the focus on performing a specific exercise.

How does it help in training?

During training, we concentrate specifically on contracting that muscle and each of its movements. This connection between the mind and muscle improves the quality of contraction, and the more focused you are on the muscle, the better the results will be.

Research has shown that combining internal and external focus gives best results!

How to establish the mind-muscle connection?

  1. Focus on a specific muscle group - concentrate and be aware of every movement.
  2. Perform exercises slowly and controlled - prolongs the connection between muscle and movement, so it enhances the mind-muscle connection. Take your time and take enough time for each movement.
  3. Close your eyes - this technique enhances the connection between muscles and the central nervous system, allowing you to better visualize muscle movement and exercise performance.
  4. Variation of exercises - try different movements and find the one that best suits the specific muscle group you want to train. Everyone is different and the same exercises don't work for everyone, so be creative!
  5. Patience - establishing the mind-muscle connection requires a lot of practice and time. Be patient and don't give up!

The mind-muscle connection is the key link between the mind and muscles that enhance muscle building during training. Focusing on muscle contraction, performing exercises slowly and patience are essential elements in establishing this connection. This workout approach gives the best results when it is combined with external and internal focus during training.

We hope you try this technique at your next workout session!

Your Gyms4You Team

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