Kvaternik plaza opening & Membership Presale

The fitness revolution is coming to Croatia! On 5th November at 3:30 PM, we are opening our biggest center to date, and we can’t wait to share this moment with you. This opening is unique for many reasons - the most important being the opening of the largest Gyms4you center with 1300 m2, the start of group training programs, and training for 1 kuna (€0,13) the first month.

But surprises don’t stop here.

Everyone from Croatia can join Gyms4you for only 1 kuna (€0,13) ONLINE right now!

The promotion is valid for all new members who join online with the RCP membership from October 28th until November 6th, 2022., and in our new center in Kvaternik plaza on November 5th and 6th November 2022. The first 200 people who join at the opening on November 5, 2022. will also receive a voucher for a free medical examination at the Kaliper Polyclinic worth HRK 600 (€79.61).


Whichever center you choose here, you can still train in all our centers in Croatia with one membership card.

To join for 1 kuna (€0,13), choose RCP membership for 6 or 12 months. After you choose this option, you will pay only 1 kuna (€0,13) for the first month of training instead of 199,00 kn (€26,42)/229,00 kn (€30,40). This offer applies to new members only. Group training is included in this membership! (0,13€) umjesto regularnih 199,00 kn (26,42€)/229,00 kn (30,40€). Ova ponuda vrijedi samo za nove članove. Grupni treninzi uključeni su u članarinu!

In this step, we will ask for your OIB and other personal data that will be used only for the purpose of membership.

After you have registered through the Gyms4you app, you will need to get your membership card at the reception in order to enter the gym.


If you are a student, retiree, or underage, you can take advantage of the special offer (1 month for 1 kuna (€0,13)) at the opening of our new center at Kvaternik plaza on the 5th of November at 3:30 PM. If you want to join after the special offer period, you can do so at the reception at any of our centers in Croatia.

See reception working hours here.


Come to Gyms4you Kvaternik plaza opening and become a part of fitness revolution. Be the first to walk around the biggest Gyms4you yet, take advantage of the special membership offer, take part in fun activities, and be one of the lucky ones who will get a chance to book their spot at group training programs.

5/11/2022 at 3:30 PM

Maksimirska 8, 1000, Zagreb

Book your spot at group training (number of spots is limited), join for only 1 kuna (€0,13), get a free gift, hangout with fitness celebrities, take a look around new gym and group training halls, and take part in other fun activities.



We have partnered with Les Mills - one of the most popular group fitness brand, to give you creme-de-la-creme of European fitness concept. If you join Gyms4you, you'll be able to work out at the gym 0-24 and enjoy group training for the price of a standard Gyms4you membership - no additional group training fees. If you are already a Gyms4you member, you will be able to attend group training sessions without the need for additional payment.

Group training booking will be available at Gyms4you Kvaternik plaza opening on 5th of November 2022 at 3:30 PM.

Choose your favorite group training program and check out the group training schedule.


Popular all over the world, Les Mills programs bring the training of proven quality.

Become a member and book your place in group training through the Gyms4you app or website.

The price of the gym membership now includes the membership fee for group training.
No additional costs!

Certified Les Mills instructors will guide you through scientifically proven exercises.