How to stay in shape during the holidays?

Staying loyal to your routine and goals is one of the hardest things during the holidays. With abundant food, cakes, and alcohol during celebrations, it is hard to keep yourself from treats and look after your shape. Already-made progress comes at risk and future progress is stagnant, But, there are some ways to keep yourself somewhat in shape during these crazy festival times.

1. Let’s move!
Separate the time of day for moving yourself - any physical activity is always useful for keeping your body in shape. Walking around stands and booths across town for advent festivities, skating, even going Christmas shopping - move, move, move! Ask a friend or family member to join you; make a fun and pleasant activity of it. Holiday time doesn’t need to consist exclusively of closing in your houses and apartments.

2. Hydration is needed.
Not only is it general advice to drink enough water daily, but it’s also important to stay hydrated during meals so the metabolism can function properly. Water can also give you a sense of fullness, so keeping food under portion control is easier. Besides, it is of great importance to stay hydrated during alcohol consumption.

3. The routine is adjustable.
Holidays are the time we spend with our closest ones, but despite that, with some adjustments, it is possible to stay consistent with your habits: if you work out 5 times a week, try working out 2-3 times a week. Besides, try to think about working out in advance: organize your time and exercise in advance, you will most definitely feel much better if you accomplish your goals.

4. You shouldn’t exaggerate.
Keeping yourself from food and drinks during this time of the year is practically impossible, so we aren't suggesting that even as an option. Instead, try to at least somewhat control your food intake. There’s no need to eat more than you can ‘’because it tastes good’’: it will taste good even if you eat a moderate amount of food or drink a moderate amount of drinks. It is important to eat well to take care of your body and stay in shape, but sometimes it’s okay to eat meals with high-fat proportions.

5. Sleep is key.
Sleep allows our bodies to rest from all the daily activities and potential stress we experience during the day. To keep our bodies functioning properly and our muscles in proper shape, they should also get rest. Because of that, during these crazy holiday times, try to find some time for quality sleep and rest (we’re sure that won’t present a problem to you).

Finally, you shouldn’t be tough on yourselfHolidays are a time of joy, rest, and spending time with your closest ones. Even if you don’t keep a strict schedule and a meal plan for those couple of days, your progress won’t be ruined. Remember to enjoy the holidays, and when that period is over, you can always return to your normal routine and progress even more.

Your Gyms4You Team

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