How to overcome the fear of the gym

Many beginners who are just starting to exercise often limit themselves to exercising at home or just cardio workouts for fear of going to the gym. This fear is more common than you think, and at the same time it is very easy to solve – all you need is the right information and the wind in your back.

Asking questions is perfectly fine!

Everyone you see in the gym started out as a beginner and certainly didn’t know everything right away. An interesting fact about the fitness community is that everyone, even personal trainers, are constantly learning new things and working on themselves. Precisely because of this, everyone at your nearest gym knows what it’s like to be a begginer and not know much. In our fitness centers you can always contact the staff at the reception who are always ready to help her, Coach4you personal trainers, but also all members who will surely jump in and answer all your questions and concerns.

Also, if you want to get information about the gym first hand – when there are the least people in the gym, are there any benefits and instructions for beginners and the like – contact the person at the reception!

Prepare in advance.

One of the biggest fears related to going to the gym is not knowing how to use the equipment and exercises performed on them. To alleviate that fear, visit our website, look for the nearest fitness center among our locations and see what equipment is available in that center. After that, you can explore how to use which device from the comfort of your home and come to the gym with prior knowledge. You will feel more confident in yourself and do your training more courageously.

No one is watching you from above.

When going to the gym, don’t stress over who will see you if you’re doing the wrong exercise or how you look compared to other members. The truth is this – everyone in the gym is busy with their training, their appearance and their performance of exercises. Also, you would be surprised at the number of people who feel just like you, but over time, this insecurity will go away. The more often and regularly you come to the gym, the safer and more confident you will feel.

A few more tips:

  • Write down the exercises you want to do before going to the gym. This will allow you to train more safely, concisely and easily without thinking about the next exercise.
  • Head to the gym with a friend. Everything is easier when you are not alone.
  • Find a gym-outfit in which you feel most comfortable and cozy.
  • Take it easy. You don’t have to immediately commit to going to the gym every day. Go once a week, then three times a week and gradually adjust to your new lifestyle.

See you in the gym!

Your Gyms4you team

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