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Another successful year is behind us and we want to thank you for being a big and irreplaceable part of it! We have devoted the last 12 months to progress - both ours and yours. We opened new centers to make it possible for people all over Croatia to exercise, we included group training sessions in the existing membership fee so that you could try something new and awaken the desire to exercise, and we opened the possibility of online membership so that you can start training at any time and wherever you are.


We started this fun year with the opening of our new gym in the center of Zagreb. At the end of February, we invited you to the grand opening at Branimirovova 41, so that we could start enjoying the modern gym on two floors together. Popularity of this location has not decreased since then. 


New Zagreb became richer for another one of our center in October 2022. The gym in Sloboština cheered up the whole of Zagreb, especially the neighborhoods around Sloboština. The enjoyment of training in this gym is guaranteed by top equipment, personal trainers and continuous availability.


We took another big step and in November opened our largest center to date, which covers an area of ​​1300 m2 and includes two studios for group training sessions. We enjoyed the enthusiastic looks of every new member who stepped into this center and fell in love with everything we had to offer.


One of the biggest news was the start of group training in Kvaternik plaza. The launch of the group training program is one of the things that many of our members have been looking forward to, and now they can finally enjoy this type of exercise at Gyms4you. When creating the group training concept, we partnered with Les Mills - one of the most popular brands for group fitness, in order to provide you with the best of the international fitness concept. 


In order to make all information related to our centers more accessible, we decided to make a change in the form of creating a more functional and accessible website. All notifications, information about current and new locations, information about membership fees and the different training options available are now here for you in just a few clicks, as well as the option to join and reserve a place in group training.


We won’t stop with novelties and that's why in the coming year we are opening 4 more new centers - Dubrava Kolakova, Dubec, Jurišićeva and Voltino! Of course, we are preparing more news for you, but we don't want to spoil the surprise. So keep following us and keep up to date with all the news.

Your Gyms4you

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