Grab your Value Pack for only 1€ this Black Friday!

Value Pack is a package of benefits that is an optional add-on to your membership fee. The idea is to provide the members who decide to buy the package with various benefits designed to make their gym experience easier and better every month. The point of a package is to bring your Gyms4you experience to a new level!

In the package, members can find the following benefits:

  •  1 free training session per month with a Coach4you trainer
  •  Bring a guest to training 3 times a month for free
  •  5,00€ credit for vending machines
  •  Bonus - insurance in the gym

As part of the package, you can take advantage of an opportunity for extra guidance and instructions during a 1-on-1 60-minute training session with a Coach4you trainer to reach your full potential. Apart from exercising with a trainer, you can get the possibility of exercising with your non-gym member friends. For three times a month, you can bring a friend who is not a Gyms4you member - it’s up to you if you will bring the same friend or a different person every time! And with all those benefits, there’s still the 5,00€ you can use for vending machines - all you need to do is scan the QR code on the vending machine and register through the Aristos app. All the unused credits are being carried over to the next month.

The sum of all the benefits offered in the package is over 70,00 € a month, while the price of the package is only 9,00 € with a contractual obligation for 6 months or 15,00 € without a monthly contractual obligation.

One Value Pack lasts for 30 days and during those 30 days, you can use all of the benefits. After those 30 days, the Value Pack can be renewed and all of the benefits can be used again for the month. With the subscription option, all benefits are automatically reactivated every month. The Value Pack can be purchased online via the app, the Gyms4you website, or at one of our reception desks.

Wait, and how to get it for a smaller price?

This year, for Black Friday, Gyms4you is bringing you a discount on Value Packs!

Friday, 24th of November, in your Gyms4you, online, through the web or app, you can subscribe to your Value Pack for 1,00 € a month. The offer will last for December, meaning for 1,00 € you will get two training sessions, you can bring your friend six times to train and instead of 5,00 €, you will have 10,00 € to spend on vending machines. So subscribers will receive their first 9,00 € receipt in January.

The Black Friday discount will only be possible for the option of a 6-month subscription for a Value Pack.

So, come to Gyms4you this Black Friday and sign up for a package of benefits with which you can improve and personalize your Gyms4you experience during a 1-on-1 exercise with a trainer, training with your non-member friends and vending machine credits, for only a fraction of the original price.

Your Gyms4you team

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