Everything you need to know if you've never been to the gym

For starters, it's normal to feel scared or shy when you first come to the gym. Every new experience comes with it a dose of anxiety from the unknown, and the gym is by no means an exception to that rule. The second thing you need to know is that everyone, literally everyone, was a beginner at some point and didn't know how to behave and what to do in the gym. 

Keep reading for the rest of the real-life tips and facts about hitting the gym for the first time.

1. Everyone looks at themselves

This is one of the most realistic facts when we talk about people in the gym. Although we are all a little afraid of the gaze of more experienced gym-goers, the fact is that most of them are busy thinking the same way and feeling that everyone is looking at them. Focus on yourself and don't worry about other people's opinions.

2. What to bring with you?

Bring a bag with clean sports clothes, clean workout shoes, a water bottle, ID, headphones, a towel and a healthy snack.

4. How to enter Gyms4you?

When you come to the gym for the first time and you are not a member, one of our receptionists will meet you at the reception. See reception opening hours here. Once you join, the receptionist will show you how to use your membership card to enter the gym and how to enter the center's premises using your fingerprint. If you join online, 5 days after joining you can enter the gym using the bluetooth option in our application, after which you need to pick up your membership card at the reception.

5. Where to start?

In the gym, you will find a lot of equipment, props and different parts of the space that are designed for a certain type of training. In Gyms4you, you will be able to clearly distinguish between the section intended for cardio (treadmills, stairmaster, ergometer, bicycles, etc.) and the section intended for lifting weights and working on machines. Each device has an example of exercises that you can perform on it. 

Before you go to the gym, research what types of equipment are available so that you can feel more confident when you hit the gym. Another tip is to look at the pictures of the center you intend to go to and familiarize yourself with the parts of the gym before you start working out.

6. Bring a friend

The gym, working out and working out on machines can be a bit intimidating if you have to do it all by yourself. Start training with a partner and overcome your fear of the gym together!

6. Come to group training

If you can't get anyone to hit the gym with you, we have a solution! Come to one of our group training sessions. In the Gyms4you application, see the schedule and types of group training, choose the one you like the most and train in a group. You will meet new people and exercise under the expert guidance of our instructors who will patiently guide you through the entire training.

7. How does Gyms4you work?

It is important to know what all the possibilities are open to you once you become a member of Gyms4you. Unlike other gyms, Gyms4you allows you to train in all Gyms4you centers in Croatia within one membership and with one membership card. This means that, even though you are a member of, for example, Heinzelova, you can train in Dubrava and Zadar and in every newly opened Gyms4you center. Also, you can enter the gym at any time of the day or night, and group training sessions are included in the membership fee.

If you still don't feel completely safe, find out how to overcome your fear of the gym here.

Our inbox is always open for all questions that come to your mind! Contact us on Facebook or Instagram and we'll be happy to help you feel more confident before your first trip to the gym.

See you at your workout,

your Gyms4you team

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