Debunking myths for beginners in the gym

The first step is always the hardest - in everything, including going to the gym for the first time. Everyone is always the hardest on themselves and thinks they won't fit in with the experienced exercisers because they're coming to the gym for the first time. The truth is this - you won't fit in, but you don't need to fit in either. Every person in the gym has their own progression path and they go to the gym for their health and appearance, and a new person entering the gym for the first time is not something they will overthink.

We have selected for you several myths that beginners in the gym often believe, but are actually far from the truth.

1. There is a best time to exercise

The most frequently asked question is whether you should exercise in the morning or in the evening. There is no concrete evidence that it is good to exercise either in the morning or in the evening. The best time to exercise is when you have time to exercise and when you have enough energy. At Gyms4you you can work out literally anytime as all our member centers are open 0-24.

2. If I lift weights, I will be bulky

Most newbies at the gym avoid weight training for fear of turning into a huge bodybuilder after just a few workouts. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to gain muscle mass, and weights can be a great addition to your training. With them you can work on strength, get in good shape and work on your health.

3. Only people who want to lose weight go to the gym

There are so many reasons to go to the gym! For some it's muscle building, for some it's weight loss, and some want to gain a few extra kilos. It is important that before starting training in the gym, you set yourself a goal and find out what is actually the deeper reason for which you want to start exercising. Do you want to be more confident, do you want to be in better shape, improve your health or something else entirely?

4. I have to go to the gym every day or it doesn't count

In short - this is not true. Some people want to build a lifestyle where they hit the gym every morning. However, this is not the best solution for everyone, and it is definitely not a requirement for achieving results in the gym. In order to maintain continuity and at the same time avoid overdoing it, at the beginning of training try to train about 3 times a week in order to give yourself the necessary rest days.

5. Yoga is not a real workout

If you believe this myth, then you certainly haven't been to our Les Mills BODYBALANCE group training! In case you're just starting out at the gym and you're not sure what to do, we recommend you try our group training sessions that are included in the membership fee. Learn more about group training here.

See you in the gym!

Your Gyms4you team

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