Christmas cheer is coming to Gyms4you group training!

Christmas has also come to Gyms4you! This year, in celebration of the holidays, special editions of Christmas group training sessions will take place at Gyms4you in Kvaternik Plaza and Dubrava Risnjačka from 11th to 24th December 2023.

Group training is the ideal way to move your body in a fun and social way. They contain numerous benefits: they are a good solution for all those who do not like to train alone, who need a little motivation, for those who like company, but also for those who need guidance and professional advice.

Types of group training
We have included numerous trainings for you: Mobility4you, Bootylab4you, Dance4you, Yoga4you, Camp4you, and Pilates4you. In addition to the standard Gyms4you group training, in cooperation with Les Mills - one of the most famous group fitness brands - we arranged an additional nine group training sessions. Les Mills is recognized all over the world, and along with its name, it carries proven quality training, and certified Les Mills instructors will guide you through scientifically proven exercises! You can register very easily, via online registration or the Gyms4you app..

Christmas group training
For our fans of the holidays and this festival period, we have prepared standard training and Les Mills programs in the Christmas spirit! During the standard "4you" group training sessions, you will be able to enjoy the official Christmas playlists while you will be guided through the exercise by instructors who’ll be ready to pass on their holiday spirit! If you decide on the Les Mills version of the Christmas training, you will enjoy Christmas songs with adequate choreographies!The Christmas period will begin in Kvaternik Plaza with Bootylab4you and Les Mills Core training, but also in Dubrava Risnjačka with Bootylab4you training.

Show us your Christmas spirit and cheerful gym outfits on the following dates:

First week
11.12.2023Kvaternik PlazaBootylab4you16:00
Les Mills Core18:00
12.12.2023Kvaternik PlazaLes Mills Body Pump21:00
13.12.2023Kvaternik PlazaLes Mills Core7:00
14.12.2023Kvaternik PlazaDance4you18:00
Les Mills Body Pump21:00
15.12.2023Kvaternik PlazaLes Mills Body Pump7:00
RisnjačkaLes Mills Core18:50
16.12.2023Kvaternik PlazaBootylab4you16:30
17.12.2023Kvaternik PlazaCamp4you17:00
Second week
18.12.2023Kvaternik PlazaLes Mills Tone09:00
Les Mills Body Attack19:00
RisnjačkaLes Mills Body Attack19:30
19.12.2023Kvaternik PlazaLes Mills Body Pump9:00
Les Mills Tone20:00
RisnjačkaLes Mills Body Combat19:30
20.12.2023Kvaternik PlazaLes Mills Body Pump20:00
21.12.2023Kvaternik PlazaLes Mills Body Pump09:00
Les Mills Tone20:00
Les Mills Body Combat19:30
22.12.2023Kvaternik PlazaLes Mills Tone9:00
Les Mills Core18:00
Les Mills Body Attack19:00
Les Mills Body Pump20:00
RisnjačkaLes Mills Core18:50
Les Mills Body Attack19:30
23.12.2023Kvaternik PlazaLes Mills Core10:00
RisnjačkaLes Mills Core11:00
Les Mills Body Pump17:30
24.12.2023Kvaternik PlazaBootylab4you11:00

Your Gyms4you team wishes you happy and pleasant holidays!

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