Benefits and types of bodyweight training

We have entered the new year which, we have to admit, hasn’t started in a way we all hoped for. One of the reasons are closed gyms. Regardless of that – there is no surrender, no giving up and we walk even stronger and stronger every day! We believe that many of you have chosen regular training and gym enrollment for your New Year’s resolution. We have already written about how to adhere to this decision (here)..

Many beginners, but also experienced exercisers often think that training with equipment in the gym is the only way that will give good and visible results. However, this is one of the myths that will unfortunately make some people give up on their decision, especially during closed gyms.

We have made an effort to keep you active through our home trainings which you can follow on our Facebook and Instagram pages and Coach4you profiles. Exercising with our home workouts does not require devices or other accessories, but only your own body and its weight. In other words, it’s about bodyweight workouts.

What are bodyweight workouts and what are their benefits? Bodyweight training involves exercises with your own weight that defy gravity. Due to the involvement of the whole body during the exercise, the result is weight loss, gaining muscle mass, but also work on coordination, fitness and endurance.

There are three types of bodyweight training:

1. Strength training

For this type of training, heavier exercises are performed that involve a higher percentage of muscle mass and are performed with fewer repetitions. It is important to keep in mind that we do not want to achieve muscle fatigue, ie work to failure. Exercises are performed with less repetition (up to 5 repetitions), the series lasts a short time, and the movements must be performed in a controlled manner in order to activate the desired muscle group well and avoid possible injuries. Breaks between sets last 2 to 3 minutes.

2. Muscle endurance training

We do a larger number of repetitions for this type of training. Exercises are easier and a lower percentage of muscle mass is used. This type of training is actually a combination of strength and endurance.

3. Cardio-respiratory endurance training

The goal of this type of training is to keep your heart rate high. A very large number of repetitions of light exercises are used, the series last much longer, and the breaks are shorter. Exercises that belong to this type of training are skipping ropes, running on the spot, etc.

One of the biggest advantages of this type of training is mobility. No additional props are needed to perform the exercises, and the exercises can be performed anywhere – at home, outdoors, etc. What is definitely needed for successful exercise is good will, and we believe that you do not miss it! In addition to introducing beginners to the world of fitness before coming to gyms, bodyweight exercises are useful in more experienced exercisers because by incorporating these exercises into their training they can achieve the growth of muscle groups with which they may not be satisfied or want to improve results.

On our Facebook and Instagram profiles, as well as on the Coach4you profiles, you can follow live trainings every working day at 6 p.m. Everyone can join us, beginners and those more experienced exercisers! We are waiting for you!

Your Gyms4you team

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