5 reasons to workout with a partner

We know that it is the hardest thing to start training again after a long and sunny vacation, and it is even harder to return to the old routine of regular exercise without a team that encourages you at the gym. Activate a boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, mom or co-worker and get moving together! Why is it better to train with a buddy? Find 6 reasons below (the last one is our favorite)!

1. You will motivate each other

Sometimes we can’t force ourselves to do another squat or push-up, but that’s why there’s your training partner to encourage and motivate you to work even harder. Likewise, each of us has our strengths and weaknesses. Your training partner may be more advanced in weightlifting than you, and you prefer cardio training – but that’s not a bad thing at all. You can learn from each other and progress even more with each new workout!

2. It is easier to try new exercises and forms of training

How many times have you been embarrassed to try a new machine or do an exercise you’ve never done before because you were scared to be embarrassed? You will try everything easier and bolder if you are not alone and have someone to joke with if the exercise does not work out exactly as you imagined. Speaking of which, it’s okay not to know absolutely everything – even the best athletes often encounter unfamiliar exercises and forms of training.

3. You will be more consistent together

In case you really don’t want to go to training, you will have an obligation and an agreement with your training partner that you want to respect! One of you two will always be at least a little more motivated than the other.

4. You will create a shared routine

After a while, you will no longer have to make arrangements for training every day. Exercising will get into your routine and it will become your time for active socializing that you both benefit from – you will move your body, get stronger and get in shape!

5. You will have a loyal spotter

For all those who prefer weight training, exercising with a partner will have another good side – you will always have a loyal spotter. You will be able to test your limits in training and progress without fear, and we guarantee that after a good spot you will strengthen your friendship!

See you in the gym!

Your Gyms4you team

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