5 benefits of exercising with a kettlebell

If you train in the gym, you must have encountered this versatile prop at least once. Kettlebell is a traditional Russian weight made of cast iron that looks like a ball with a handle for easier handling and, because of its benefits, it has become a popular part of the equipment of every fitness center and gym.

Below you can find 5 reasons to include a kettlebell in your workouts!

1. You do strength and cardio in one exercise

Exercising with a kettlebell is primarily a strength exercise, but if you increase the intensity of your training, it can easily become cardio. As a result, you will burn more calories not only during training, but also after it because your muscles will need energy to regenerate and grow.

2. It will improve your posture

If you use the kettlebell properly in the exercises you perform, it will help strengthen your core and thus improve your posture. By exercising with a kettlebell, you can improve the stability of your spine, which will help you in your daily life and prevent back pain.

3. You will strengthen your grip

Why is a grip important? If you perform exercises such as chin-ups on a horizontal bar or barbell deadlift, a firm grip plays an important role in the quality of performing the movement. During weight training, you will strengthen the muscles of your forearms, palms and fingers, which can significantly improve the strength of your grip, and thus make it easier for you to perform previously explained exercises.

4. It moves the whole body

When you exercise with a kettlebell, you work on the muscles of your legs, glutes, abdomen, back, shoulders, arms and chest. Not only will you involve all the muscles of your body with weightlifting exercises, but you can include several body parts at once in one exercise. These are multi-joint exercises (compound movements) such as squats and deadlifts, which involve the leg muscles, but at the same time activate core and glute muscles.

5. It is simple to use and does not take up much space

Exercises with a kettlebell can be very simple if you know how to perform them properly. Therefore, we recommend that you consult with a licensed trainer before exercising with a kettlebell, who will explain the details of performing these exercises. Once you have mastered the basics, you will be able to let your imagination run wild and use the kettlebell in fun and unusual ways. Another great thing about kettlebells is the ability to replace barbell exercises with kettlebell exercises. In other words, if the bars are busy – just do the exercise with a kettlebell!

Kettlebells can really be awesome for your body if you learn to perform the movements correctly. For starters, don’t bother with quantity – let the quality of your movement come first!

Your Gyms4you team

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