2024: Year4you - fitness advice for the new year

With the beginning of a new year, new decisions come also, but how do you make this new year your own, and instead of decisions that never get accomplished you make your lifestyle better? One of the most common, but also one of the biggest decisions is to start going to the gym. Now, that decision is even easier at Gyms4you. Namely, in the new year, we are opening another Gyms4you center in Blato on January 13th, 2024. That is why, in that name, we have prepared some tips that will make the transition easier for new members and old ones who set their minds to change their goals in the new year.  

1. Realistic goals
Start from smaller goals – change doesn’t come overnight. Throw some smaller goals in your New Year plan which will help you gradually achieve your bigger goals. Don’t set goals that simply can not happen on short notice, that way you’ll force yourself and stagnate your progress more, and for fitness progress consistency is key.

2. Adjustment
Adjust your decision to your schedule. That doesn’t necessarily mean changing your lifestyle for a 180°, but making small adjustments that’ll help change your fitness and everyday lifestyle long term. Throw in exercising a couple of times a week, then start to train more frequently if you want to achieve that. Gradually throw in healthier foods in your meals if you want to start eating more healthy - it’s your fitness journey, so adjust it to yourself! 

3. There is no room for excuses
You can’t accomplish anything with excuses. ‘I’ll start next week, I’m tired from work, I have a lot of other errands…’ That way you only continue to stall and all goals, even the simple and realistic ones that we come up with ourselves, become forgotten. Continuity is important and because of that decisions shouldn’t be postponed, but instead, you should be persistent. To remain consistent, try to choose an RCP membership fee option (6 or 12 months) and, on the occasion of the opening of the center in Blato, the first month of training for all new members with RCP membership fees will be only 1 euro. It is key to organize your time so you can find room for new decisions and visits to the gym. 

4. Find company
Find yourself a friend or a partner with whom you can go on this New Year's journey together. That way you’ll be each other's motivation and encouragement. Find a common activity that animates you so that way you can make a fun activity you spend together out of an errand. You can also find company in the gym, and even professional ones. Hire a Coach4you trainer and improve your progress with professional and quality company! Find an extra dose of motivation within group training - join one of Gyms4you group training sessions and find out how much self-care can be enjoyable! After the opening day of the new center in Blato, there will also be an open day for group training: on January 14th, 2024, from 10 a.m., you will be able to attend 30-minute trial group trainings for free - four of them in the morning and even six in the afternoon and evening - to find the group and training just for yourself.

5. Document your progress
Write, talk with your friends, communicate with your trainer, take pictures, film videos… Document your progress, it will build you extra motivation and push you to keep going. The chances are smaller that you are going to give up on your decisions and goals if you share them with someone. That way you can also track your progress and notice subtle changes that you won’t notice every day in the earliest of phases - it takes time to progress.

6. Include healthier meals
It doesn’t matter if your goals include losing weight or growing muscles and gaining weight, healthy eating is key. You need to include full and nutritious meals so our bodies can be healthier and stronger. Diverse nutrition and minimizing the intake of unhealthy foods are key to changing your eating habits.  

7. Just keep going
The most important thing is not to give up. Even if you break a decision - don’t give up! Stop, recollect your decisions and goals, think about them, and change them so it becomes easier to stay consistent. You can simplify something, but the most important thing is not to give up!

In the end, what matters is that you take care of yourself, but also have fun during your journey. Adapting healthier habits and self-work shouldn’t be tiring and difficult, it should be an enjoyable process, and in the end, you will be satisfied and proud of yourself. Therefore, from January 5th, 2024, join online, and we look forward to seeing you at group or solo training in Blato! We wish you the best of luck with your New Year decisions,

Your Gyms4you team.

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