13 is our lucky number: Welcome to the 13th Gyms4you center in Croatia

Gyms4you Sloboština has actively been counting new members since October 1st, and we are glad that you accepted our offer and decided to train for even a month for 1 kuna (0.13 €, 1€= 7,53450).

On the occasion of the opening of our Novi Zagreb location, at Miškinina 7, another surprise awaited you; we wanted you to take part in creating memories and making the opening of the first gym in Novi Zagreb unforgettable. Do you know what this is about?

Wall of Firsts

Along with the opening of the gym, we were also waiting for the opening of each individual machine, and you helped us with that.Each device had a red ribbon that you cut to mark the start of its use. We made sure to keep these memories alive as we took photos that will be found on our social networks and in the gym. As a thank you for helping us make this experience special, for all of you who participated in this type of opening, we also prepared a little gift.

What do you enjoy?

Gyms4you membership card opens all doors: use your membership card to train in all Gyms4you centers in Croatia. We work 24/7, and in order for you to make sure that Gyms4you is the right place for you, we are giving you free trial training. Both in Gyms4you Sloboština and in all our other gyms, qualified trainers are there to help you and keep you informed about the correct use of the equipment and performing exercises. By becoming a member of Gyms4you, you gain the right to one free consultation with our trainers, which you can obtain by requesting them at the reception of any fitness center. 

What is your Gyms4you highlight?

Have you ever experienced a special achievement, memory, or funny situation in one of our Gyms4you fitness centers? Share it with us! We will be happy to find out all about it through social networks. All you have to do is describe your special moment, tag @gyms4you, and use the hashtag #WallOfHighlights, and we’ll reward one of the most interesting stories each month.

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