Rate 7,53450

Monthly membership fee with a 12-month contract with activation of the automatic payment option




Rate 7,53450

Monthly membership fee with a 12-month contract with activation of the automatic payment option

You can request automatic payment activation at all Gyms4you receptions.

We have also designed a LOYALTY membership fee for you, with which you get the most for your money.

Join wherever and whenever it suits you best.

Train in all our fitness centers with one membership card.

Choose your favorite training time: we are open for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Get started with expert guidance in a motivating atmosphere.

Join us today, it's time for action!




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We have different membership fees for different preferences of our clients, all of which are available in the PRICE LIST

The Loyalty membership rewards your loyalty by signing a 12-month contract and reduces the amount of administrative duties on your part since the monthly billing is done automatically.

After choosing the membership, you pay the monthly membership when registering, i.e. the first month of the contractual obligation (if it is a membership with a contract).
For the remaining number of months (depending on the duration of the contractual obligation), invoices are delivered monthly to the email address you provided during registration. You always receive an invoice only for the current month. Payment is made monthly, according to the delivered invoice. The invoice payment deadline is 7 days from receipt.

You will receive invoices every 1st of the month via the e-mail address provided during registration. They need to be settled no later than the 8th of the month in order to be able to use the exercise space without hindrance. Gyms4you reserves the right to restrict access to gyms to those users who have not settled the obligation.

Invoices are sent to the e-mail address in PDF format and contain all the information for payment via internet banking (it takes up to 48 hours to process this type of payments). Those who are unable to pay online can simply pay at the reception of any Gyms4you center. Payment is possible by cash and card. Check the possibility of automatic payment.

All our membership fees with the contract are automatically renewed after the expiration of the mandatory 6/12 months, but on a monthly basis and at the same preferential price that you had when you signed up. This is a way of rewarding the loyalty of our members so that they do not have to go through the registration process again and sign a contract again for 6/12 months.

Instead of terminating the contract, which is not a favorable option for you, we recommend the option of freezing the membership or the option of transferring the membership to another person. You can find out more about these options at the reception of one of our centers. In case of terminating the membership fee after the expiration of the contract, it is necessary to announce it at least one month in advance, so that the membership fee is deactivated on time and so that invoices do not continue to arrive at your email address.

It is possible, but with the payment of a fee in the amount of a discount on the service you have received for the past months or by paying the total amount of all remaining membership fees. The amount of the fee depends on the type of membership fee. For example: if you have a regular contract with a price of 26,50 EUR (199,66 HRK) and you want to terminate it after 2 months of the contract, then you pay the amount of €13.41 (HRK 101.00) for each completed month of the contract, i.e. 2 x €13.41 (HRK 101.00). We encourage you to consider other options, such as freezing your membership or transferring your membership to another person.

The registration fee is €26.50 (HRK 199.66). All new members get a 100% discount on the registration fee. In addition to them, old members who re-join with the Loyalty RCP membership fee for 12 months and old members who take the contractual option for the first time get the same discount. In these cases, the registration fee will not be charged.

There are two freezing options:

  1. In the case of being prevented from attending training due to a health condition, the freezing service is, of course, free of charge. It is necessary to bring medical documentation indicating the period during which you are unable to train without a diagnosis of your condition. There is no time limit for freezing. For the frozen period, your membership fee will be reduced or no payment will be required, depending on the duration of the period. During the freezing period, the Contract will be extended.
  2. In case you are prevented from coming to training due to personal obligations (annual vacations, trips, etc.), choose a lease for 30 consecutive days at a price of EUR 9.00 (HRK 67,81 ). Then you do not pay the membership fee for the frozen period, and it is also possible to freeze several months at once. The student freezing option is EUR 7,00 (HRK 52.74).

You can freeze your membership at the reception of the nearest Gyms4you center. Freezing service (non-payment for the month of the contractual obligation that you will not be coming to the gym) amounts to EUR 9,00 (HRK 67,81 ) for the whole month or a student fee of EUR 7,00 (HRK 52.74) for the whole month. In case you were not able to come to training due to health reasons, the membership fee can be frozen later. For more information, please contact our receptionists.

Before transferring the membership fee, all outstanding bills must be settled, and the price of the transfer itself is 7,00 € (52,74 kn)The student membership fee can only be transferred to a person who is also a student. For the transfer, it is necessary that both people come to the reception in person together with their identification documents. After the transfer, the "New Member" assumes all the obligations of the "Old Member". The option of automatic renewal is also valid for the "New Member", and if it has not been canceled, after the expiration of the mandatory part of the contract, the membership fee will continue to be renewed on a monthly basis, and the price will not change.

NOTE: If a member has automatic billing and wants to make a transfer to another person, then the other person must also activate automatic billing. Automatic payment is only possible with VISA, MAESTRO or MASTERCARD cards and an active secure online shopping service (token/mToken).

Each of our centers has personal trainers who are there for you if you need help with equipment, exercises, programs, nutrition, and similar things. There is also the possibility of free consultations with a trainer, which you can arrange at the center of your choice. After joining Gyms4you, one of our official personal trainers will contact you and arrange the details of a free consultation with you.

We advise you to contact our personal trainers for all the information about the personal training with whom you will arrange training prices and learn about the benefits of packages that include a larger number of personal training sessions.

You can schedule a free consultation with one of our official personal trainers who will adapt to your needs and capabilities.

You can book your place in group training through the Gyms4you app. New group training dates are added to the application just before the weekend.

No, group training programs are included in the standard membership fees. You can see membership options here.

You can combine different types of training. Since a place in group training can be booked up to 8 days in advance, you can choose a different group training each week.

You can cancel your arrival at the group training no later than 3 hours before the group training. Learn more about canceling appointments here.

Within a month, we tolerate one no-show for group training without canceling your reservation. Not coming to a group training (and not cancelling the reservation) results in temporarily losing the possibility of reserving a place in group training until you pay a fee of €7.00 (52.74 HRK) at the reception. After paying the fee, you will again be able to sign up for a group training. If you do not show up for the reserved group training session twice within a month without cancelling reservation, the right to reserve group training sessions is denied. If you were absent once, after one month the absence is deleted, and if you were absent more than once, the absences remain recorded.

You can explore group training programs here.

One of the main advantages of Gyms4you centers is that you can use your membership card at any existing or future Gyms4you center. Entry with a card is always possible, regardless of whether the reception is open or not.

Check all locations

You can schedule a free consultation with one of our official personal trainers who will adapt to your needs and capabilities.

Our gyms are equipped with the latest Techogym exercise equipment and weights.

We are proud to inform you that we are currently in the process of implementing the best European Les Mills group trainings as well as other group programs. Learn more about group programs here.

We were all beginners once, so each of our centers has personal trainers who are there for you when you need help with equipment, exercises, programs, nutrition, etc. There is also the possibility of free consultations with one of our official personal trainers.

Suitable sports clothes, clean sports shoes, and a towel are required for exercising in Gyms4you centers, and in case you forget some of the products, Machine4you vending machines are always available for you.

Contact the reception of the nearest Gyms4you center during working hours. The fee for issuing a new membership card is EUR 7,00 (HRK 52.74).